Make Time for Movement

Physical Literacy

Competent to move

Confident to move

Motivated to move

Make Time for Movement

Physical literacy is a journey upon which individuals at all stages in life develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to enable them to participate in a wide variety of activities.

Take the pledge to make time!

We’re encouraging Islanders of all ages to take the ‘make time’ pledge! By taking the pledge, you’re committing to make time for movement & you have the chance to win a weekend activity getaway at the Mill River Resort.

How To Be Active For Life

Try new activities

– it’s never too late to build new skills

– the more you do an activity the better you’ll get

– new skills open up new opportunities

– check your local recreation department to see what new activities you can try

Find a partner or a group to be active with

-they will motivate you to show up

-Believe them when they tell you’re doing great!

-Incorporate movement throughout your day at work and at home with your family

Set aside a day and time to meet up with a fitness partner.

Pace Yourself

-start slow and build

-everyone’s is at a different point, set a pace that works for you

-start with simple movements and then try to add to them

Commit to one day a week at first, this will set you up for success, and don’t get discouraged if you miss a week.

Modify your activity based on your stage of life

-you can start at any age

-all Islanders should try to find ways to move more

-Find a balance of fun and challenging

-modify before you quit!

Schedule time for movement each day

-once you get started it gets easier

– scheduling will make it a “must do” rather than an “if I have time”

-there is no better time to start than now