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After School Program

"The best part is, IT'S FREE!"

The FREE go!Play After School Program is designed to encourage and support children and youth to increase their physical activity levels during the time period immediately after school. The goal is to help get children in rural areas of PEI their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day. The initiative is funded through the Healthy Living Bilateral, a partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Province of PEI - Department of Health & Wellness, and is managed by Recreation PEI.

In order to address the barriers that are keeping children from being able to participate in physical activity programs, the go!Play Program is guided by these principles;
- Movement Based: to help children attain the daily moderate to vigorous physical activity.
- Non-competitive: so children don't feel inferior to others with greater sport specific skills.
- Inclusive: removal of barriers so every child has the chance to become more physically active.
- Accessible: activities are adapted to include all physical and mental capabilities.
- Quality Leadership: to ensure children are safe and are getting the proper amount of attention.
- Educative: lesson plans are designed around health messages provided in the school curriculum.
- Flexible Location: so any school can participate regardless of their location or amenities.
- A Minimum of 12 Sessions: so children grow to understand the importance of developing healthy physical activity habits.

The go!Play After School Program was piloted during the 2013-14 school year in 15 elementary and consolidated schools in the rural areas of PEI and reached over 900 students. This year we hope to have even more schools involved as our aim is to have the program delivered at 22 rural schools. New this year: We have added a healthy eating component where each school will receive a presentation from the PEI Healthy Eating Alliance on ‘How to Pack a Healthy Lunch for Children’. The Registered Dietition will provide tips, recipes and ideas of healthy snacks and lunches that your child will eat, enjoy and ask for more. To take part in the Healthy Lunch Session, parents must have their child enrolled in the FREE go!Play After School Program.

During the 2014-15 school year, the go!Play After School Program will operate at elementary and consolidated schools in the rural areas of PEI and will be delivered under the leadership of the Western, Central and Eastern Sport & Recreation Councils.

To find out if there is a FREE go!Play After School Program at your child's school visit the REGIONAL SPORT AND RECREATION COUNCIL WEBSITE.
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